UGH Faith in Action Alliance wants to make a significant impact. Our purpose is to educate and embolden to action the religious, spiritual, and faith-based/civic leaders, and other community organizations on civic engagement and public policy as it pertains to the health of the communities they live & worship in.


Contributing to the communities we live and work in is an essential element Urban Global Health Alliance’s vision for a healthy, flourishing world. We know that when we address key challenges to wellness, make education available only then can we truly elevate to a fully healthy life — regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.


We believe it is our responsibility is to our local and global community which will offer holistic, safe, clean, sustainable centers that will provide services, products, and programs promoting physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, environmental, cultural, and civic well-being.


To deliver whole-person care, it takes a range of organizations working together across the continuum to meet each person’s unique care needs. That’s why we’re partnering with community care organizations across settings to empower care anywhere and everywhere people need it. Urban Global Health Alliance is proud to partner with local, regional, national, and international organizations boldly addressing the top health challenges to create lasting wellness.