Press Release


After 2 years of admirable work as the co-founder of Urban Global Health Alliance, Kevin Jenkins has resigned from the position of Chief Executive Officer. His extraordinary service has led UGHA to the reputation it stands for today. He spearheaded the institution to success with his effective and engaging speeches and his outstanding relationship building inside the communities to UGHA was introduced into. Susan Sweetin, UGHA’s COO has assumed the position of CEO.

Sweetin, says: “As my co-founder and the CEO for these 2 years, Kevin played an instrumental role in the creation of Urban Global Health Alliance as part of his vision was to create an impactful nonprofit that was focused on real health and wellness inside the community spaces. During our time together building out UGHA, Kevin positioned our institution for the future with a clear strategy for developing grassroots advocacy and moving public policy to create effective change inside education and allowing for the protection of real health and wellness. I respect Kevin’s decision, am excited to see him share his passion for education on health and now go beyond UGHA and extend my sincere thanks for his everlasting friendship and good work.” Jenkins step down from his position on March 1, 2022, to start with

Kevin Jenkins, says:”Urban Global Health has a clear, distinctive, successful strategy and stands well equipped for the future. I’ve decided to move on from UGHA because I believe under my leadership the institution is now properly positioned to transcend into the future. My trust in Susan as UGHA’s CEO is deep. Her work over the past 5 years inside of the medical freedom movement has been transformational. I’m deeply grateful for her skills, heart, and soul. It’s her time to lead. It is therefore a good time for me to end my operative career in this space to have more time for my newest job as the CEO of I am both honored and proud to have been able to create as well as lead UGHA during what has been such an important time in history.”  The process of recruiting a new COO and CMO has been initiated and the announcements of who will be joining as the leadership team grows are coming soon.

Jenkins noted, “Susan has been the creator of UGHA from its inception and as co-founder she appreciates its unique potential. She has been instrumental in tackling our most important priorities, including accelerating our strategy development, and I know she’ll hit the ground running to strengthen execution and deliver results. I have the utmost confidence in Sweetin.” Urban Global Health Alliance is looking forward to leading the next generation of medical health advocates, putting informed consent at the forefront of its initiatives.